The Palgrave Handbook of Prison Tourism

Editors: Wilson, J.Z., Hodgkinson, S., Piché, J., Walby, K. (Eds.)

This extensive Handbook addresses a range of contemporary issues related to Prison Tourism across the world. It is divided into seven sections: Ethics, Human Rights and Penal Spectatorship; Carceral Retasking, Curation and Commodification of Punishment; Meanings of Prison Life and Representations of Punishment in Tourism Sites; Death and Torture in Prison Museums; Colonialism, Relics of Empire and Prison Museums; Tourism and Operational Prisons; and Visitor Consumption and Experiences of Prison Tourism. The Handbook explores global debates within the field of Prison Tourism inquiry; spanning a diverse range of topics from political imprisonment and persecution in Taiwan to interpretive programming in Alcatraz, and the representation of incarcerated Indigenous peoples to prison graffiti. This Handbook is the first to present a thorough examination of Prison Tourism that is truly global in scope. With contributions from both well-renowned scholars and up-and-coming researchers in the field, from a wide variety of disciplines, the Handbook comprises an international collection at the cutting edge of Prison Tourism studies. Students and teachers from disciplines ranging from Criminology to Cultural Studies will find the text invaluable as the definitive work in the field of Prison Tourism.


Jacqueline Z. Wilson is an Associate Professor at Federation University Australia in the Collaborative Research Centre in Australian History. Her research focuses on the intersections between heritage, state care and institutionalization. She is the author of Prison: Cultural Memory and Dark Tourism, the first national study of prison tourist sites in Australia.

Sarah Hodgkinson is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Criminology, University of Leicester. Her research interests include crime-related dark tourism (in particular prison and Holocaust tourism), Holocaust representation and memorialization, the social construction of evil, forensic mental health, and homicide. Justin Piché is Associate Professor in the Department of Criminology at the University of Ottawa and Co-managing Editor of the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons. Justin was awarded the 2012 Aurora Prize from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the 2016 Young Researcher Award from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa. Kevin Walby is Associate Professor and Chancellor’s Research Chair, Department of Criminal Justice, University of Winnipeg, Canada. He is co-editor of National Security, Surveillance, and Terror: Canada and Australia in Comparative Perspective with R. Lippert, I. Warren and D. Palmer (forthcoming with Palgrave in 2017).