Rescued children finally identify Irish aid worker who saved them from Auschwitz

Left: Children and staff of Maison St. Christophe (Saint Christopher’s Orphanage) during World War II; Mary Elmes, who secretly brought Jewish children to be saved from Auschwitz. (Courtesy Midas Films)

Un documentaire sur l’une des figures peu connues de la résistance de sauvetage, Mary Elmes, qui fut particulièrement active comme responsable Quakers pour faire sortir les internés juifs du camp de Rivesaltes. Le documentaire est nourri de très riches archives, clles des Quakers et surtout celles de la familleDenis Peschanski

A quest by two brothers bent on thanking their rescuer sees posthumous recognition for Mary Elmes, the subject of a new film narrated by Winona Ryder

DUBLIN — Two young boys huddled silently under a blanket in the back of a large black car as it crossed under the gaze of the French prison guards and out the wooden gates of Rivesaltes internment camp. It was September 25, 1942.

Escaping deportation to Auschwitz and certain death in the gas chambers, Rene and Mario Freund, aged two and six years old, were driven high up into the Pyrenees Mountains to a remote village…