How the Judas Plot Explains Poland’s Holocaust … – Tablet Magazine

EUROPE – Poland’s Judas Holocaust -The Polish parliament seeks to ban the landscape of contiguous evil recognized by the country’s greatest postwar writers By David G. Roskies

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We all live here by the wall, you see, so we can hear what goes on there. Now we all know. They shoot people in the streets. Burn them in their homes. And at night, such shrieks and cries. No one can eat and sleep. We can’t stand it. You think it’s pleasant listening to all that? —Zofia Nałkowska, (1947)

On Jan. 26 the Polish Parliament passed legislation that would criminalize all slanderous mention of Polish collaboration with the German occupier in World War II. Neither the Poles as a people nor Poland as a state, the legislation reads, can be held accountable for the crimes committed on Polish soil by the Third Reich. Especially egregious is any reference to “Polish death camps,” which falsely implies that these camps were initiated or in any way supported by Poles.

Three days later, the Polish Center for Holocaust Research issued a statement decrying this amendment to the Institute of National Remembrance Act as an unprecedented “intrusion” of politics and ideology into the domain of historical inquiry. The Israeli government also weighed in, as did Yad Vashem, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and other concerned parties…

How the Judas Plot Explains Poland’s Holocaust … – Tablet Magazine